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Vintage inspired and true to the period from 1900 to 1950

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12-29 July
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The summer sale period is from 27 June to 31 July

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- 100 days Returns/Exchange policy - this is not fashion:)

- Money-back guarantee if shoes don't fit

All UK🇬🇧 customers can exchange/return via my local office in London. Save return costs and speed up exchanges/refunds.

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How to return/exchange?

1:1 - Book 15 minutes video call

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💕 Mette

Memery a new vintage shoe brand

memery vintage shoes - For you who have always dreamed of shoes from the 1920s to the 1960s
If you love vintage shoes and fashion, memery is a new and fascinating vintage shoe brand. Memery shoes are newly produced vintage shoes, pumps, and stilettos based on original vintage shoes from 1900-1960.
Memery shoes are perfect for vintage dresses and outfits. The classic designs also fit today's fashion exceptionally well, whether it be bridal shoes, party/dance shoes, or regular everyday shoes.


All shoes are made of full-grain leather.