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40's vintage style pumps in suede with lace


40's vintage style pumps in suede with lace

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Beautiful and soft 40's inspired vintage pumps.

The shoes are made in genuine suede with a fine hollow pattern and with velvet laces.

The shoes are typical for the late 1940s with a little round knot and elegant high heels (6.7 cm) that give a nice and glamorous expression. The slightly strong shape of the heel provides good comfort and stability.

The sole is made of genuine leather, which makes the shoe flexible and breathable. To give shoe comfort, there are soft silicone inserts under the leather sole - Then end up sore feet after a long night in high shoes.

The shoes are available in sizes 35-42

Includes extra soles for the heel and extra black laces.

Materials: Suede, leather, velour laces and leather sole.

Color: Black

Brand: memery

Also available in the colors bordeaux and green. (See the other vintage shoes and colors)

Size Guide:

The shoe is very spacious and you usually fit for example. a size 38 - you should also choose 38 here.

If in doubt you can measure from toe to heel:

35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
Cm from toe to heel: 23.1 23.8 24.5 25.2 25.8 26.5 27.1 27.8

Free delivery

Remember, there are FREE shipping and you want to switch to another size just sign me. Then I send a new size - also with free shipping.

About memery:

Memery is a brand new shoe brand that produces vintage style shoes inspired by shoes from the 20's to the 60's, yet in contemporary sizes and with comfortable and comfortable comfort. Original vintage shoes are often retired, very small and uncomfortable.

Memery shoes have the same expression as the old ones, but at the same time they are comfortable wearing the soft soles and breathable materials. In addition, there is a wide range of sizes to suit everyone. - So for you who loves vintage shoes, memery is a good option. The shoes are also a good choice if you are only feminine, classic and simple shoes. The shoes are great for both pants and dresses and are useful for both everyday and party.