VAT Free, Free Shipping and Money Back Guarantee: UK 🇬🇧 (Rest of the world $9)

Here are the most common questions about shipping, tax and duty

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Denmark (EU)

Free shipping for the UK and Norway and a small fee for the rest of the world (I cover the difference compared to free shipping) 

All prices on my webshop are ex. VAT and duty because you are outside the EU. Please note that international customers/non-EU customers are responsible for paying potential additional charges, e.g. Customs and Duty.

When you buy VAT free, you have to pay VAT when shoes arrive in the UK (shipped from Denmark). 

Let me try to do an example:

On my webshop, all prices are ex-VAT - that means that you shop VAT free and save 20% compared to all EU customers who buy with their local VAT fee. In Denmark, the VAT fee is 25%

If you take the Yvonne style shoe, people in the EU pay 179€ and people outside EU pay 149,17€ (Ex 20% VAT) Duty is not more than 8% if customs ask for that and depends on destination.

In the end, prices will be more or less the same across the whole world.

Returns or exchange:
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Be free to ask any questions

💕 Mette

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